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Dumbledore, notorious for giving second chances Dumbledore, let Sirius rot in Azkaban for twelve years. 

He must have known Sirius well due to his time in the Order, he must have known what James meant to Sirius. Dumbledore was a member of the freaking Wizengamot yet he didn’t fight the Ministry’s horrifying trial-optional policy. 

This is a man who took back Death Eater!Snape at his word, shielded him from prison, and employed him at a school for children. 

But he didn’t have a use for Sirius, so he didn’t care about him.

I got 99 problems with Dumbledore and his treatment of Sirius Black accounts for like 64 of them.  

To be honest, Albus Dumbledore is one of the most disturbing, terrifying characters I’ve ever found in a book, because he thought he was a good guy and so did everyone else and the books don’t really challenge it either (given that Harry forgives him for everything he did), but when you look between the lines he was profoundly, profoundly immoral and unethical.

…oh… my god…

…I… oh.

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I think I broke Harry Potter


So it’s 3AM and It’s just occurred to me that the most telling scene in the entire Harry Potter franchise is the scene following the announcement of the participants of the Triwizard tournament.

When Harry’s name is pulled out of the cup, literally one of the first things he is asked is “did you ask an older boy to put your name in the cup for you?" or something to that effect, insinuating that, that was something nobody prepared for and that it was something that totally would have worked if anyone had been smart enough to figure it out.

However, in an earlier scene a student is turned into a hundred year old man when they try to artificially age themselves with a potion and put their name into the cup. Meaning someone trying to dangerously age themselves with potion they aren’t familiar with was something the teachers genuinely considered to be more likely than someone asking for fucking help from another student.


In other words, the wizards in Harry Potter’s world are so reliant on magic that it doesn’t occur to anyone save for people like Harry that asking for help is even an option in a given situation. This explains why wizards are so fucking ass-backwards at everything, they’re so confident that their magic is capable of doing everything for them that it has never occurred to fucking anyone that perhaps asking for help from the muggle world might be of some use.

Think about it, the wizarding world hasn’t changed in hundreds of years while in that same space of time the muggle world has figured out fucking space travel. I know it’s a cliché to say to say someone could have fucking shot Voldemort, but seriously, somebody totally fucking could have, he killed like 50 people, he was effectively a terrorist, if anyone in the wizarding world bothered to ask for help from the muggles instead of just telling them there was an invisible asshole flying around shooting death curses at everyone, they may have been able to help. 

Pretty much the only reason Voldermort thinks he’s better than muggles is because he’s able to kill them with impunity using magic, something he’s only able to do so easily because muggles don’t understand what magic is. Voldemort is basically like a fucking disease, he’s an invisible, lurking entity preying on mankind from the shadows like a cowardly piece of shit. You know what else did that? Smallpox and we stomped that to death the second we understood it. That’s the difference between muggles and wizards, when muggles don’t understand something, they figure it out.

And here’s the kicker, the only reason muggles don’t understand magic at all is because the wizarding world deliberately withholds information about it. However, even if the wizarding world kept doing that, it’d only be a matter of time until a muggle figured out what magic was and how to stop or harness it because that’s what humanity does, it pushes past what we think is impossible to see what’s on the other side. We didn’t understand the sun as a species originally and now we use it to power satellites and smartphones.

The wizarding world isn’t a realm of infinite possibilities, it’s a universe of strict limitations where boundaries are never questioned. The muggle world is where the real magic happens. That’s why during the course of the Harry Potter books, which are set between 1991 and 1998, the muggle world (our world) discovered dark matter, cloned a sheep and invented fucking MP3s while the wizarding world were literally paying some dipshit to figure out what the purpose of a rubber duck was.


Wow, I really shouldn’t think about this stuff when it’s like 3AM, it gets kind of dark.

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covalent pesterlog ficlet - dirk & tavros


I only managed this one (it’s not very long either) and i’m starting to feel sleepy. Argh. (also i don’t know how to tavros. blaaaah.) will keep trying but idk what will happen. :(

— timaeusTestified [TT] started trolling adiosToreador [AT] —

TT: Yo, dude that I’ve never spoken to firsthand. Dirk Strider, ex-human, Dave’s bro. And you’re Tavros Nitram. Sollux told me.

TT: Mind if I pick your brain a bit? In a purely figurative way.


TT: About literal brain-picking.



TT: Yeah, it was meant to be worrisome.

AT: uHH,

TT: All cards on the table: it worries me.

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ugh there are WAY too many fics i want to write. i still kind of want to write the city/clubbing AU with Dave POV where he has a skin disorder that he’s anxious about and meets Tavros somehow who is recovering from being in an abusive relationship with Vriska but i have no idea when i’m going to do that.

my plan right now is: rarepairstuck, short fic for friend X, Sollux ovi fic, HSWC, longer fic for friend Y (which i will most likely be working on during HSWC too) and then idk

i was getting really frustrated while playing tennis today (as usual) (also by “play” i mean “try to return balls back to my dad/mom correctly” since i’m still just learning) and i started thinking that i really want to read a fic where Dirk has to learn something he’s not good at and gets really pissed off with himself because of it

like… i’m totally on board with the headcanon that he’d appreciate someone using his own hardass teaching techniques on *him*, but i see that happening more with something he’s already decent at and is just improving at. if it were something he wasn’t good at *at all* but *had* to learn for whatever reason i think he’d still be really determined and would learn how to do the thing, but he’d get more frustrated with it. i also think he’d probably get irritated at not being the one in control/in the teaching role for once.

(or maybe that’s totes OOC but i just like the idea of Dirk being a pissy student.)

like what if something like Asukaskerian’s Covalent Bonds AU happened where everyone became a troll after the game ended and Dirk became a lowblood/bronzeblood and had psychic powers that he didn’t know how to use but needed to learn how to use in order to, like, properly exist. and say Tavros was the one to teach him. in this case Dirk would probably not only be frustrated by his new body and powers and not knowing how to deal with them, but he’d probably also get frustrated at Tavros’ overly nice teaching style :p except i like to think he wouldn’t be a dick to Tavros because of having grown a little post-game and because of his experiences with Jake. so he’d try really hard to not be a dick but some dickishness would seep through anyway.

and if his powers were to commune with animals he’d probably just try to force it and Tavros would just be like omg no you need to be ~friends~ with the animals too you can’t just force your will on them or it doesn’t work as well.

but yeah now i really want to see/write this fic because i’ve also been hankering after a romantic relationship that stems from a student/teacher sort of dynamic.


Okay I just spent two hours rereading every one of Sollux’s pesterlogs and keeping track of what he calls people because obviously I have nothing else to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Most of his names for others were what I remembered - Karkat is KK, Aradia is AA, Feferi is FF - however what I didn’t remember is that he also calls Terezi ‘TZ’ a couple of times, which is really cool and breaks the double letter pattern. Those four are the only characters he gives nicknames to, and they’re the ones he’s closest to so it makes sense as a form of endearment. He never uses anything other than first (or occasionally last) names for anyone else.

What I found really interesting is that you can tell just how close he is to someone by the different things he calls them - Karkat and Feferi, for instance, are almost exclusively referred to as KK and FF. He uses their first names each once, Karkat in one of his first pesterlogs (which could’ve just been Hussie not having his quirk down yet) and Feferi during the last time we saw them (when they ditched Vriska’s treasure hunt), which may be due to him being unsure of where their relationship is now.

Aradia, on the other hand, he calls by full first name almost the same amount of times as he calls her AA, which seems to show that he’s uncertain of her or where they stand friendship/relationship-wise. Terezi is also divided pretty evenly between first name and TZ - she’s someone he likes but she isn’t as close to him as the others are.

I’m willing to bet he has nicknames for one or two others (Kanaya perhaps, they used to talk often before the game) and we just haven’t seen them talk enough to see it. It’s definitely reserved for people he likes though.


It occurs to me that Karkat and Kankri are both, in their own ways, perfect examples of internalization. Both have absorbed the shitty values of their homeworld, to the detriment of themselves and their peers, and both are completely oblivious to it.

Karkat’s got the aggression and misplaced sense of “honor” and  ”worthiness”, he idolizes the Empire, he wants to join a paramilitary organization for fuck’s sake.

Kankri thinks he has rejected his Empire’s values, but the only thing he’s really done is twist them around. That is how he approaches all SJ concepts — as tools to exert power — and it is just as shitty and patronizing as the whole trainwreck he supposedly fights against.

Both of them are dissatisfied but have heavily internalized their societies’ values, so both respond by trying to gain a position in their respective social structure.

Karkat and Kankri both want to become the culler instead of the culled.

Seven Things the Movies Forgot About Hermione



In the original books, Hermione was a clever, kick-ass character made highly relatable by her imperfections. The movies erased most of her flaws, making her a better ‘role model for girls’, but a far less interesting person: a typical weakly written strong woman. So here are a few things we should remember about Hermione:

1. She is an outsider. Just like Harry, she is often clueless about the unspoken rules of wizarding society, but unlike Harry she has no illustrious parentage and pretty green eyes to compensate for it. This goes beyond the blatant racism she is shown for her muggle-born status, and means that assimilation is a constant conscious struggle for her.

2. She has bad social skills. She is a good friend, but not always good company. Hermione isn’t called a know-it-all just because smart girls tend to be bullied, she is a know-it-all. She can sometimes ‘manage’ people when she tries, but when she doesn’t pay attention she is often blunt and tactless. She alternates between showing off her knowledge and assuming everybody knows what she knows, and she talks a lot about things only she is interested in. Remember how she introduces herself to Harry – it is far more awkward than cute, and she doesn’t outgrow it entirely. I know that opinionated women are often put down for opening their mouths, but Hermione is a more interesting character for having moments where she is genuinely grating and arrogant.

3. She is authoritarian. She has a worrying authoritarian streak, repeatedly choosing the rules over her friends in the first few books, such as the time when she lets Harry’s new Firebolt be confiscated. She was still unwilling to disobey an instruction in a textbook in book six, when she had already organised resistance against Umbridge and broken into the Department of Mysteries. This of course means that every time she chooses to break a rule is emphatically more awesome. When she perceives herself to be in a position of authority, she expects the same obedience from other people. She often makes decisions for people, speaks over them. Sometimes this is a positive trait, her friends often ask her to do their homework for them, and the planning she does for DA actually pays off. But she often assumes – that Harry’s broomstick is cursed, that house-elves want freedom, that Trelawney is a fraud. One of the most interesting aspects of her character development is outgrowing this to learn to break rules and actually listen to people.

4. She has a habit of obsessively focusing on things. Again, sometimes this is productive, such as when she takes off to the library for hours and comes back with a solution, but sometimes it is silly like her crush on Lockhart or harmful like the entire S.P.E.W. fiasco. Combined with her monologues, her hit-and-miss social skills and her adherence to rules, I am surprised the internet isn’t flooded with headcanons that put her somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

5. She is not pretty. I know that casting couldn’t predict Emma Watson growing up to be model-gorgeous, but I remember watching 11-year-old Hermione and already thinking she looks far too polished. It’s not that book Hermione is ugly, it’s just that she puts no effort into her looks. The point of the ball room scene is that she proves to herself that she is capable of presenting traditionally feminine and attractive if she tries really-really hard, not that she has always been beautiful without trying. Her unprettiness was actually one of the factors that made her so relatable, and while I didn’t expect the movies to actively make her ugly, they could have just at least chosen less flattering clothes and put slightly less product in her hair.

6. She has fears. She is extremely brave, but she is still human, and there are moments when she loses control. She panics when the Devil’s Snare attacks her, and Ron has to snap her out of it. She shows visible fear when faced with hippogriffs, with centaurs, with Grawp, and one time she fails to defeat a boggart. She is afraid of flying, and as a result she isn’t simply uninterested in quidditch, she actively sucks at it, but still gets onto a hippogriff, a thestral and a dragon. She is all right at Defense and duelling, but despite all her work lacks Harry’s raw talent. This doesn’t make her weak – a perfectly brave person is much less motivational than a person who is terrified but does her best.

7. She has a near-pathological fear of failure. This is partly due to her outsider status, partly her personality, but she is a nervous wreck and an overachiever. One of the first things she says is that she knows all textbooks by heart and hopes it will be enough. This isn’t mere intellectual curiosity, this is sheer fucking terror. She isn’t that smart merely because she’s gifted, but because she relentlessly overworks herself. In the third books she uses time-travel to get to all of her classes, and she spends most of the book looking half-dead with exhaustion. She is often described as frazzled or otherwise nervous, and for god’s sake, her boggart is a failed test! Again, she starts to grow out of this around book five, but it still remains a part of who she is. In the case of movie Hermione, her fear gets minimised into a generic smart-girl personality.

Hermione is awesome, but the more perfect she is the less she has to do with us, smart unpretty girls looking for someone to relate to. Or just people in general, looking for someone to relate to. Let the movies keep their superhuman super-clever Hermione who stares danger in the face but is upset that her hair looks bad from behind. I want book Hermione, a girl with flaws, a woman with issues who has to work and learn in order to overcome her inadequacies and become the good friend and great witch she is.

Yes! I definitely liked book!Hermione more than movie!Hermione. And yesssssss, autistic!Hermione!!!!!! :00000000

But as a WoC, I feels all sorts of uncomfortable when you use racism to describe what she (a white girl) went though. Perhaps, discrimination would be a better word…


my favorite little thing in homestuck is that bro strider clearly was trying to start the scratch on his own before bec noir memed on him. and thats such a dirk thing to do. told nobody about his plan. just decided he was going to reset the universe.

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I think the fact that within Hogwarts there’s a lot of distaste for Slytherin and Hufflepuff shows some interesting insight into the wizarding community. Like, Hufflepuff represents hard work and fairness, right? But there’s the idea that Hufflepuffs are losers, sort of the proverbial nice guys who finish last. On the other hand, Slytherins, who represent cunning and ambition and personal drive, are seen as cutthroat and generally nasty and mean. 

Ultimately, Hufflepuff and Slytherin are both rooted in philosophies on self betterment and achieving success in life, both in terms of being a better person and being a more powerful/wealthy person. The obvious question raised by Hogwarts student’s disapproval of both Slytherin and Hufflepuff is this: if it makes you a loser to succeed through hard work and fairness, but a cheat to succeed through cleverness and an attitude of doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals, how is someone in the wizarding world expected to gain power/wealth/status if they aren’t already born with it? 

It’s also worth noting that in a world where magic can do your work for you, Hufflepuffs are scoffed at for being willing to work at all, and Slytherins are shunned for taking advantage of magic to it’s fullest.

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